Overview - Free Coaching Consultation
Whether or not you’re on a team, everyone can use a coach now and then. Meet with Roberto to better understand how he can guide you to leading a happier, more successful life. Use this 30-minute complimentary session to help you get one step closer to your vision.
 Description - Free Coaching Consultation
In order to make your Life Coaching complimentary coaching session as valuable as possible, take the time to begin thinking about what results you want to produce for yourself in one or all areas of your life. The more challenging the area, the more likely you are to have an extraordinarily rewarding experience in our complimentary session.

Together we’ll spend about 30-minutes looking at you answers and then I can tell you how you’ll benefit from my coaching. If you think this is something that would be helpful to your growth in life or business, I’ll discuss with you the three Happy Programs to choose from.

In order to begin the process, take a moment to answer the following questions carefully and in as much detail as possible.
1. What area of your life would you like to have a breakthrough in? A breakthrough is a result that is way beyond what you’ve predicted, even if you are already on track for improvement. 
This area may be related to any aspect of your life; for example, relationships with particular people (friends, spouse), effectiveness in a certain area of responsibility, the quality of your health, or attaining certain levels of performance.
2. Describe what your specific breakthrough would be. In other words, try to imagine how you or someone else would be able, objectively, to tell that you have had a breakthrough. How will you feel having this breakthrough?
3. Describe what might be keeping you from having a breakthrough. How will you feel not having your breakthrough?